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The Cruelest Month

April is awful. Not because "In the room the women come and go/ Talking of Michelangelo" (mix one part Waste Land and one part J. Alfred Prufrock and stir), but because I work tomorrow (Saturday)--again. Sometimes this Volunteer Coordinator business is unwieldy and inconvenient. I've been out until 10 pm two nights this week and will be training volunteers all day tomorrow (last week it was the same schedule, sigh).

Combine this with the very busy April/May schedule of Husband (college dinners and lectures) and daughters (practices and performances) and we're lucky to sit down to dinner together twice a week. When we do manage to have dinner together it's often close to 8 pm before everyone is gathered and the food is cooked.

Just for fun, here are some fairly recent photos from the Mixmaster that is our life.

This one is from Youngest's recent trip to New York City with her choral Ensemble, as they perform in the Festival of Gold competition at St. Bartholomew's:

Here's a better photo of the Ensemble in New York--and Youngest is actually visible! She's standing on the far left, back row:

Here's one of me and Youngest in the airport before they left for NYC:

This is Eldest all dressed up for "80's day" at school. The heavily shoulder-padded peplum top is the one I wore as part of my "going away outfit" after our wedding in 1989:

And here's a not-quite-in-focus photo of Eldest at rehearsal for "Once On This Island"--she's the one in the center in the pink peasant garb, taking direction from her (slightly blurry) theater teacher:

This is all I can manage for now. . .


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Apr. 25th, 2009 03:49 pm (UTC)
I went to St. Bartholomew's for Ash Wednesday services last year. (I was in New York on a business trip.) It's a stunningly beautiful church.
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